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Photo Looks Great!

I bought a copy of 'Dancing at the top of The Cheese Grater' on brushed aluminium yesterday at the Magna Carta Fair at Royal Holloway yesterday, it looks even better on the wall. Thanks for a fantastic piece! All the best!
Declan Pell

I like your photos

Very good especially the London eye and the blue tree lights. Clever look.
dave Simpson

Beautiful Photography

Hi Sue, I'm very impressed,such beautiful photos and a good website.
Debra van Driel Kluit


i have got 3 of your fantastic art pieces and i love them all. keep up the hard work sue. dont know if you remember me but i collected one from your home a few years ago. it was the sandune one and my favourite piece so far!! best wishes


Loved the photographs Sue.
Very high quality work.

Ellen Corris
Ellen Corris


I've enjoyed your photographs - really beautiful and atmospheric - I especially love the Venetian ones and the water - also the 'smokin' and 'textin' ones - well, they're all amazing!


My son Mika sent this email to me after proms and I must say these are amazing!!!
Thank you, I just love these photos.

P?ivi Rajasaari-Peck

beautiful site

Harry W Allred

beach huts

My sister-in-law bought me the Beach Huts for Christmas and I am thrilled with it. We live on the South-East Kent coast ( Hythe ), so it's a fitting shot for our house.
well done ! Happy New Year !
suzanne becks

web site

Hi Sue

Just found your web site. It's great, you have been very busy since I last saw you.

Best wishes Jan
Jan Evans

Your photos

Sue, your photos are absolutely amazing, I can't decide which is my favourite! Fantastic website too! Well done you and keep up the good work!
Alison & James Kulczyk

wonderful photos old and new
Doreen & Eric Allott


Love the new website! So much better. Photos are looking amazing.
Laura Akitt

Love the new website. I think your photos are absolutely fantastic and would make a stunning addition to any home. Will be logging in regularly to view all your future projects.
Viv Craggs

rave about your web site

sue i love your web site it is amazing and even better than you said!! love to see 'knickers' on my screen anytime i choose!
sarah greenstreet

Best kept secret

Hi Sue,
Stumbled across this new and improved website today. Kept that quiet !
Well done.
PS - great photos as always. Just need a big lottery win and bigger kitchen and I'll take the lot!
Peter Smart


My goodness: your photos are fabulous !

new website

I love it!!!!
It says so much more about you and what you do - brilliant.

Congratulations Sue on a fantastic website. We'll spread the "address".
Katy Clements

Hello Sue, I'm looking at your website - it is outstanding! I like it. Speak to you soon xxx
Richard Roche snr

Lovely new web site - much more inviting and VERY professional

just thought id say that i love the new website!
Speak soon
Chris Clifford

Well done

It looks good Sue